Powerful 7 Chakra Meditation:

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Chakra Meditation: Solfeggio Frequencies, Planet Tones, Chakra Carrier Wave Frequencies, Affirmations for each Chakra, Bija Mantras & Elemental Sounds, Chakra Symbol Visuals, for Each Chakra... ** You can order the Chakra Meditation CD @ ** We have other meditation music for free download here: Join Ascension Boot Camp's FB Page :-) Meditate upon the ancient chakra symbols while aligning your chakra system to these sacred frequencies. Here's a list of the spiritual modalities used in this project: * Sacred Solfeggio Tones * Chakra Carrier Waves (Frequency of each Chakra) * Platonic Frequencies (Planet Tones) * Empowering Affirmations * Breath Awareness * Hand Mudras (Seals & Directs Energy Flow) * Chakra Visualizations * Bija Mantra for each Chakra (Sanskrit Seed Sound) * Element Sounds for each Chakra This project consists of 7 tracks, each just over minutes long. The snippets used in this video are around the last 2 minutes of each track. Root Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -UT- 396 Hz -Meaning- "Liberating Guilt and Fear, Grounding" Platonic Tone -194.18 Hz -The tone of the Earth's Day Root Chakra Carrier Wave -256 Hz Sacral Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -RE - 417 Hz -Meaning- "Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change" Platonic Tone -210.42 Hz The tone of the Synodic Moon Sacral Chakra Carrier Wave - 288 Hz Solar Plexus Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -MI - 528 Hz -Meaning- "Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)" Platonic Tone -126.22 Hz The tone of the Sun Solar Plexus Chakra Carrier Wave - 320 Hz Heart Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -FA - 639 Hz -Meaning- "Connecting/Relationships" Platonic Tone -136.10 Hz The tone of the Earth's year Heart Chakra Carrier Wave - 341 Hz Throat Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -SOL - 741 Hz -Meaning- "Expression/Solutions" Platonic Tone -141.27 Hz The tone of Planet Mercury Throat Carrier Wave - 384 Hz 3rd Eye Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -LA - 852 Hz -Meaning- "Awakening Intuition/Spiritual Balance" Platonic Tone -221.23 Hz The tone of Planet Venus 3rd Eye Carrier Wave - 448 hz Crown Chakra: Solfeggio Frequency -TI - 963 Hz -Meaning- "Communication with Divine, Higher Dimensions" Platonic Tone -172.06 Hz The tone of the platonic year (period the solar system moves around center of galaxy) Crown Carrier Wave - 480 Hz Sit or lay in a nice comfortable position and play the video from start to finish. Play it as often as you like and let me know your results if any. Enjoy the ride! It is normal to feel pressure in the head or other parts of the body when using this meditation. Energy is being moved and when the body is accustomed to chakra centers being imbalanced it can be uncomfortable when a balanced alignment is made. This meditation is not for relaxation, it is for those that want to move the energy into alignment at a core level. Use discretion when using this meditation, if you are feeling pain then maybe your body has had enough. Take breaks from listening and let the energy settle; Drink lots of water to aid in flushing stale energy out of the body system. Blessings to All Sentient Beings, Namaste
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