60 minutes of Woodland Ambiance (Nature Sounds Series #4) Trickling Stream & Birds Sounds

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Audio available on iTunes: CDBaby: Enjoy 60 minutes of relaxing, calming HD sights and sounds of this natural woodland scene and its ambience recorded live on site and which includes the sounds of a trickling stream and various birds native to the area. As the title suggests, this was filmed during one Spring morning in May, 2012 in the lush woodlands of Pennsylvania. It's one of my favorite places to visit and most of my nature videos are recorded here. You'll hear quite a decent variety of bird songs and bird calls such as a crow, Towhee, American Robin and more. I wanted to capture the natural beauty and serenity of this woodland in the early morning and share it with you, with the hopes that it will bring you the same beauty, relaxation, peace and even rejuvenation that it brought me. It's my belief that moments like these should be shared, enjoyed and made accessible to everyone. Video playlists: Facebook Page: Twitter: Google+ Instagram:
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