Rainy Camping Trip | Sleep Relaxation Ambient Sounds

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How to Fall & Stay Asleep Tips: 1. Develop a healthy bedtime ritual, such as bathing or reading. 2. Start unwinding and go to bed around the same time every night 3. Don't check the clock every 5 minutes 4. Try to stay off Facebook or other stimulation 5. Practice! Good luck! Sleep is all about learning to let go. If you are not great at falling asleep, don't worry. There are plenty of other people who struggle with falling asleep as well. If you need proof, just go on Facebook to see who else is up. Keep working at it and I promise you that within a month, you'll get very good at falling asleep if you keep at it! ;) Please like and subscribe! And share with others who also have trouble sleeping! Rainy Camping Trip | Sleep Relaxation Ambient Sounds
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