White Noise Baby - Best White Noise For Babies - 2 HOURS

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CLICK HERE for Baby and Pregnancy meditation MP3 package: White noise is a sound that is made up of many sound frequencies. It can sometimes sound like a waterfall, waves on a beach constantly crashing onto the sand or television static. Many people have successfully been using white noise to help babies sleep, or even for their own personal use for ailments such as pain, anxiety, to help sooth headaches or even for meditation. It really does have a soothing effect. Others also use it for masking other noise such as binaural beats - using them both together can have a deep relaxation effect. (Although binaural beats are NOT recommended to be used on babies!) I often use this white noise track when I am tired and just want to chill out... In no time at all, I get sleepy and being to drift off. Many have got 10 hours and 5 hours of white noise on youtube. Personally, you don't need that much. If it is quality white noise, you should be drifting off within the first 30 minutes of using it., so this 2 hours should really do the job for you. Please, put it to the test and let me know how you go with it. It's worked for many babies across the world, and I'm sure it will work for you too - no matter what your age. In short, white noise can be used for the following: Can ease tension headaches and migraines Has been known to boost production levels when played as 'background music' in the working environment Great for meditation and general relaxation Helps ease Tinnitus A great aid for a more comfortable and deep, relaxing sleep. Quality MP3 can be purchased here: Or CD can be purchased here:
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