Water Drop Sound Effect

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Water Drop, Cave & Ambient Birds Sound Effects-- Here are a few more tips on how to make ambient sound effects in FL Studio. This video will be perfect for anyone looking to create a water drop sound effect, cave sound effects or ambient bird sounds. - Audio Example - Source Material (3xOsc) - Setting the Volume Envelope - Setting the Pitch Envelope - Ambient Cave Effect with Reverb -- -- -- -- -- THE PRODUCER PROJECT: MASQUE MUSIC: The Producer Project is a channel that is dedicated to the serious aspiring producers around the world- those who want to quit F’ing around and get somewhere. Rather than offering lengthy tutorials that show you how to copy and paste what I do, my aim is to get to the root and provide you with the tools and knowledge to do the same. In offering what I believe to be the FIVE FUNDAMENTALS; 1. Knowing your tools 2. Bringing life to a mix 3. Basic structure 4. Basic synthesis 5. Mixing & mastering I aim to provide the hard-working “Masqueteer” with a new sense of confidence. A sense of confidence in one’s skills and one’s ability to produce and release productions of satisfactory quality. While only benefiting those who are willing to put in the effort and prioritise accordingly, I do my best to save the frustration of figuring it all out the hard way. -- -- -- -- --
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