BNSF - East Meets West.wmv

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This is my first edited railfan video that I did on my Windows7 Movie Maker software. This video was shot in Coleman, TX when two BNSF trains met at the Coleman WSS MP 387.1 around 1:20 p.m. CT. Eastbound BNSF # 711 Warbonnet, # 7383 SWOOSH, # 4050 & # 4419 Heritage schemes is a Hopper Train that switched to Track # 2, while Westbound BNSF # 5358 & # 4950 Heritage units is a Military Transport Train on Track # 1. The conductor from the westbound military transport walked his paces to the mechanical switch to switch the hopper train to track # 2 and then switched back to track # 1 so the westbound military transport could continue the flight. I hope you enjoy my first edited version of a BNSF railfan video and all input, negative or positive is greatly appreciated. There was no way of editing out the sound of the wind or it removed the natural sounds of the trains as well and I'm not much for dubbing music over a train video, sorry. Enjoy!!!
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