*Live Thunderstorm - 10 Hour Thunder and Rain Sounds (Real Video Footage)

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam capture high quality nature sounds with real video footage - no still images. Visit our website for more information on these thunderstorm sounds and experience more nature videos on our YouTube channel. The sounds of thunder are caused by the expansion of rapidly heated air in the path of a lightning strike (electrical discharge). Thunderstorms can last for many hours and usually include strong winds and heavy rain. There is one location on earth where thunderstorms occur virtually every day of the year; often referred to as "The everlasting storm". This is where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, and it is the location of the thunderstorm video you are watching. Please take a look at our other nature videos, all of which have excellent quality sound and are ideal for relaxing and using as a sleep aid: The Enchanted Forest - Relaxing Bird Song and Nature Sounds: Niagara Falls: Relaxing Ocean Waves - The Maldives: Fairy Glen, Scotland: Calmsound have been recording nature sounds in high definition since 2007, please visit for free nature sounds and further information about our albums and streaming player.
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