Trees & Forest: Echoes of Nature Relaxation with Music & Nature

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Relax with music and nature and meditate with the echoes of nature with beautiful, calming, soothing music and images of the most beautiful trees and forests from around the world. Are you craving tranquility and the need to escape from your overly scheduled, hectic, and technology-crazed life? If you need to get away for a bit of relaxation and mental clarity but don’t have the time to take a trip, than look no further. Step into nature with this unique program that offers some of the most spectacular and varied footage of trees and forests ever compiled. Experience the haunting beauty of towering ancient redwood groves, the leafy splendor of verdant copses peppered with woodland flowers, the grandeur of noble pines laden with cones, and the sheer brilliance of silvery beeches glimmering in sunlight among others. Poet Kahlil Gibran once said, “trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,” and after watching this, you will agree with such a wise sentiment. It is through the beauty of nature that we may reconnect with our inner spirit and ourselves. Sit back and listen to soothing music while experiencing the trees transform their pallets from firecracker orange and red, to silvery barren and blue, to vibrant lush and green.
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