German autobahn: Audiograph - acoustic photograph (2), ASMR, binaural 3 D relaxing sound

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This theme: feeling motion - on the german autobahn; Dessau (find it on google maps: 51.867601,12.370418) Just be there! More: In this audiograph you can experience: Traffic from left to right in foreground. Traffic from right to left in background. -Learn about how different places on our planet sound like! PLUS - Sharpen your acoustic sense, your imagination and become more relaxed! There's more to come week by week! That's what listening to audiographs will do for you. Listening to your favorite songs, to a river, to the wind whistling or to the voice or heartbeat of your partner: audible sounds have a direct connection to (y)our emotions. Audiographs are audible photographs. Audiographs don`t distract your associations by giving you a visually limited detail of your scenery. They give you the full vivid environment of a specific place at a specific time. Furthermore Audiographs work the same like ASMR recordings, except they don't use human language as a prime stimulus. Audiographs are focused on nature sounds instead. Different focus, same effect. Enjoy these three dimensional recordings and use headphones for best sound reproduction. Close your eyes and become one with the scenery. You will notice more details, and you will become more concentrated. And a special benefit: you will feel relaxed. All Audiographs are recorded with 3-D-microphones and optimized for headphone reproduction.
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