Amazing 3D Cave Image-Sound of Water Dripping-Cave Sounds-Relaxing Calming Soothing Peaceful

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Now available, mp4's and mp3's. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. If you are not sure, an mp4 is a downloadable DVD of sorts and an mp3, a downloadable CD. Amazing 3D Cave Image. The hypnotic stillness and silence of this reflecting pool is punctuated by drops of water falling from the caves vaulted ceiling, The tiny voice of each drop hitting the waters surface magnified and echoing throughout the empty cavernous space, produces a captivating symphony of sound. Recorded in real time (10mins. 1sec.) this work was filmed on a 35mm stills camera, incidentally capturing a slice of geological history. The still image and sporadic spacing of sound distorts our perception of time. This video Notions of silence 1, is one of two works which were shown as part of an exhibition entitled Sequence, along with works by Darren Almond, Padraig Cunningham, Roisin Loughrey and Margo McNulty. Notions of silence 1 and 2, were projected on two 16 x 9 screens on facing walls of a vast warehouse. This piece has been influenced by works by Yves Klein's Monotone symphony, John Cage's "4'33",The tibetan book of the dead, Gary Zukov's "The dancing Wu Li masters", Barrnet Newman, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock. I envisage showing this work as a projection on the floor of an exhibition space, adding an unsettling dimension to the piece as the ripples radiate outwards towards the viewer. Notions of silence 2 Thanks to Mugurm who has generously granted permission to use his sound recording under creative commons attribution, CHANNEL:- VIDEO:- General tags for my videos artist images health life personal development healing relax meditation beautiful landscape wildlife future green organic natural music video peace creative Irish nature Ireland sounds water rivers lakes guru change beauty love yoga youtube minimal painting abstract paintings art paint earth country climate environment river lake people native om chant emotional instrumental atmospheric ambient
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