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Eight tornadoes were intercepted between Hartington, Coleridge and Laurel, Nebraska on June 17th, 2014. (two seen here) To license tornado video contact Around 7PM the plug was pulled on the atmosphere and a thunderstorm exploded over Hartington Nebraska. By 7:40 the storm was rotating and soon after dropped it's first tornado, a large cone that lasted about 5 minutes before roping out. A second brief ropy tornado touched down and then a third, wide conical, multiple vortex tornado morphed into a violent beast. This was the main event, long lived tornado that began near Coleridge Nebraska. The sound of the tornado is audible in this video and resembles a powerful waterfall to me. The storm cell motion was Southeast at around 10-15 mph. TORNADO LIST: 1. Cone to rope between Hartington and Coleridge 2. Brief rope 3. Coleridge long lived roaring monster 4. Brief cone satellite North of Laurel 5. New parent circulation: First a cone, then lifted to a hovering blob with suction vortices and eventually dropping into another long lived almost stationary wedge tornado near Laurel Nebraska. 6. Western flank brief night satellite 7. Eastern flank relatively long lived elephant trunk to cone satellite near Laurel 8. Rain wrapped wedge. Part two of this event will be uploaded soon with more detail, radar and explanations. Two days after this tornado outbreak I traced the Coleridge tornadoes path. Several of the homes viewed in this video were badly damaged, others only mildly damaged... some of that footage is dove-tailed into this video. At one point three tornadoes were on the ground. One parent monster tornado (#5) and two relatively powerful satellite tornadoes that were illuminated by the lightning flashes. The storm hardly moved causing local flooding and the lightning generated from this engine was unlike anything I've ever witnessed. All this was well documented and will be available soon. To my current knowledge there were no fatalities from these tornadoes.
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