Ten Hours of - White Noise - Ambient Sound - Masker

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Ten Hours of Ambient White Noise. Buy MP3 Ambient Noise Downloads $1.50 White noise is randomly generated full spectrum sound. It is most recognizable as the static sound heard on (analog) television or radio. Noise is present at low levels in analog recording and often referred to as hiss. It is incorporated into music production for a myriad of creative and technical purposes. Think about the noise components artistically splashed into electronic dance music, and often filtered. White noise is utilized in digital recording by adding very low levels, around -90dBu, to smooth out by masking sonic artifacts inherent with digital recordings at the lowest levels. These artifacts are basically sonic graininess--pixilation essentially. Listeners argue that even if the noise is undetectable in hearing tests, improvements to the listening experience of the recording are perceived. Perhaps this is because white noise, and its sonic relatives, pink, green, brown, violet and black sonically permeate the environment mankind lives in since the dawn of listening. Streams, the wind in the tress, rain, vehicles, machinery, footsteps on gravel or leaves, fire and even sounds heard by babies in the womb are a few examples of noise in our environment. I bet you can think of more examples. Happy listening!
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