"The Sea At Storm"

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Track 7 from the album Castle in the Clouds by The Wise Man's Fear. Video created by Paul Lierman. For price inquiries, please email LYRICS: I cannot remember the last time that I could see the shore The black clouds above have wrapped the sky into their deadly fold This tempest all around pulls me down into the ocean’s core Tell me what it is I’ve done that brought about this rain and cold ...The things I left behind go on and let your rage unwind Here I am. now’s your time I haven’t been that hard to find You think you're so wise and strong I have been here all along Feel my fury, spare your wrath Just another fool in my path You think that you’re All My fears have taken form They've blotted out all the light Cast away by the waves (by the waves) Guiding lights went astray (went astray) -NO- Live, learn, or at least you live Forgive, forget, or at least you forget The sea at storm has pulled me in this is a fight I may not win The sea at strom is testing me Is this my end or destiny? The sea at storm has pulled me in You’ll never harm a soul again The sea at strom is testing me This is for all the suffering Tidal anger pulls me under Tidal anger Facebook: ... Contact: Chapter 7: “The Sea At Storm” “There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man” –Patrick Rothfuss This is the first of three tracks to directly allude to the book after which our band is named. We tweaked each of the track titles a little bit from the original quote because each of the perils in our songs are different than those described in the book. In order for the knight to reach the Castle in the Clouds, he must first cross over a deadly sea (recently inhabited by the evil Chaotica). The song narrates his departure from the safety of the harbor with ambient sounds which soon turn sinister as Chaotica approaches the knight in the form of a storm at sea. The lyrics of the song pitch the listener directly into the middle of the song’s action with the knight recalling that he“cannot remember the last time that [he] could see the shore,” because his battle with the sea has raged for so long. From this point the song’s lyrics form a dialogue between the main character and the spirit of the storm,Chaotica. K: “…The things I’ve left behind, go on and let your rage unwind. Here I am, now’s your time; I haven’t been that hard to find.” (I’ve sacrificed too much to quit so give me your worst) C: “You think you’re so wise and strong? I have been here all along. Feel my fury, spare your wrath, just another fool in my path.” (I’ve fought and killed stronger men than you. Come get rekt, m8) The protagonist worries that the storm and his fears have gotten him lost and that he will not be able to find his way out of the sea. Chaotica is attacking him both physically with the storm and mentally with doubts and fears, preying especially on his regrets from tracks 3-5. The knight struggles to stay focused on his goal in the face of Chaotica’s taunts. At the end of the song the knight’s boat is capsized by the storm and the knight charges down to fight Chaotica beneath the water. (“Tidal anger pulls me under”). The listener does not know whether or not the protagonist will survive the attack of the sea at this point. To read the full album story, head over to our facebook page: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out our music video for Castle in the Clouds! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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