Power Tools for Reason 6: Wave Table Synthesizers (6 of 10)

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Check out the rest of the videos about Power Tools for Reason 6 and the rest of the Music Pro Guides. Then leave a comment to tell everyone what you think of the video and Power Tools for Reason 6! Purchase the book here Power Tools for Reason 6 Series: Power Tools Publisher: Hal Leonard Format: Softcover with DVD-ROM Author: Andrew Eisele Power Tools for Reason 6 is a comprehensive book that provides a quick-start tutorial that not only gets you up and running quickly, but also delves into advanced sequencing and mixing techniques. With the advent of Reason 6, it is now possible to record, mix and produce music at a professional level. With an unbelievable array of tools, you'll find everything necessary to complete your projects from start to finish. Reason 6 has the best of Propellerhead's Record and Reason, with the addition of some fantastic new features and effects, including the Pulveriser Demolition, Alligator Filter Gate, and the Echo tape delay. Now offering the ability to record and edit audio directly into the arrangement window and with elastic audio capabilities, with Reason 6 it is now possible to record audio and adjust the tempo while keeping everything in sample accurate synchronization. Welcome to Reason 6, the new standard in music production. $39.99 (US) Inventory 00333223 ISBN: 9781458402271 UPC: 884088569136 Width: 7.25" Length: 9.0" 308 pages
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