Crackling Fireplace with Relaxing Rain and Howling Wind (HD)

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Imagine that it's storming outside with rain pouring down, but you are inside next to a warm fireplace that crackles away........ Is there anything better? Enjoy! This 2 hour mix of fire,rain and wind is ideal to put you asleep or to rely relax your entire being. I used my own websites ambient sounds to create it. You can find it here: If you enjoyed this mix, here you can find an other one, but than with campfire sounds, rain and thunder: Copyright Virtual Fireplace Multi Language Tags: Krb déšť vítr, Open haard regen wind, Pejs regn vind, Камин дождь ветер, Chimenea lluvia viento, Şömine yağmur rüzgar, Lareira chuva vento,Cheminée pluie vent, Kamin regen Wind, चिमनी बारिश हवा, Camino del vento, 暖炉の雨の風, الموقد الرياح المطر 壁爐雨風
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