Stunning Tropical Bird Song - Absolutly Amazing Sounds from Costa Rican Jungle

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Hey friends, my latest "Welcome to the Jungle" Video - "Bird Song from Space Birds - Costa Rica - the Funniest BirdSong you can imagine..." There are still BIRD SONGs we can listen to My latest Video - the funniest bird song I have ever heard. The Nature is my greatest master - the songs of nature are amazing and beautiful. Two hours of nature sounds can heal your DNA !!!! So if you feel sick - GO OUT INTO THE NATURE ! NATURE is a HEALER !! Re-connect - ( lat. re-ligion ) - let´s re-connect to our true source. Enjoy the Sounds. Have Fun and Enjoy. If you need any special footage from Costa Rican Animals or Costa Rican plants you can contact me and hire me. I "meet" so many animals and beautiful plants day by day, that I am hardly not able to manage all the video footage in time for youtube uploads. I am a full time musician and filming animals and plants is just a hobby here in the tropics - you can´t avoid it when you live directly in the jungle - surrounded by the day by day beauty of life. Most of the time I just grab my cam and make some unprepared shots when I am on my way through the jungle. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you need certain kind of jungle footage for your projects. I am sure most of the time I can get you the footage after just some days. Looking forward to read from you. Enjoy Life, Pura Vida from Costa Rica Visit my channel for more videos: Subsribe to receive new videos in your feed:
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