OM Mantra with Theta binaural beats - Sacred Chanting for Deep Meditation

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Full high quality MP3 version available from For MEGA Download ANXIETY Pack, CLICK HERE: For MEGA Download SLEEP Pack, CLICK HERE: For MEGA Download PAIN RELIEF Pack, CLICK HERE: Brainwave Entrainment Technique: Binaural beats. The vibration produced by the sound of Om chanting is said to correspond with the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation. It is an auspicious mantra that has been used for deep meditation throughout the ages. This sublime OM Mantra recording lasts for a full hour and will allow you to really absorb yourself in the mystical sound of Om chanting. It's a wonderful way to experience a deep state of meditation. Click here now for FULL HIGH QUALITY ONE HOUR MP3 VERSION.
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