Snowy Owl - Dublin Zoo

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Snow Owl making call sounds at Dublin Zoo See more birds from Dublin Zoo Rate, comment & subscribe :) Scientific name: Nyctea scandiaca IUCN status: Listed Habitat: Arctic Canada, Greenland, northern USA -- grassland, rocky tundra Diet: Carnivore -- lemmings, voles, other rodents, small mammals, birds With a wingspan of up to 1.5m, snowy owls are one of the world's largest owls. Males are almost pure white but females and young have some dark scalloping -- both sexes have large yellow eyes. Their dense plumage, heavily-feathered feet and colouration make them well- adapted for life north of the Arctic Circle. They fly south when food is short and are occasional visitors to northern Britain, especially the Shetland Islands. Keeper's Secret Owls are skilled hunters -- aided by acute hearing and soft feathers that help them remain silent in flight.
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