Owl City - Fireflies - Launchpad PRO Cover Project File Info In Description

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Here is my bro's project fireflies :D He has a channel called Protexity, which he isn't sure whether to start it up again which would be such a shame. So what I want you guys to do is go and drop that channel a sub as well as his music producing channel Dominus Of Sound :P Intro song is also made by him. Below there is a link to vote for this song to be on Spinnin Records so be sure to show your support there! Spinnin Records Vote (GO VOTE NOW) = Dominus Of Sound Channel = Dominus Of SoundCloud = Protexity's Channel = Protexity's Original Video + Project File = Triple Rhapsody Video(Made the lights for competition) NOT THEIR PROJECT FILE + Project File(With Lights) = Thanks to Absolute for the sick intro:
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