You face Jaraxxus! in 12 languages - Hearthstone✔

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All of the "Lord Jaraxxus" card sounds & dialogue in the entire Hearthstone game in 12 languages. English: 0:02 German: Spanish: Mexican Spanish: French: Italian: Korean: Polish: Portuguese: Russian: Chinese: Taiwanese: I hope you guys enjoy, I sure find the other languages entertaining. This video contains over 1000 assets (audio, subtitles, dialog etc.), took quite some time to put together The different languages are: English, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish (Mexican Spanish), French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Taiwanese (Standard Mandarin). Check my channel for many more of these "12 Language" Hearthstone videos. Click the link to Subscribe: Support LFP on Patreon: or Donate through Paypal: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Disclaimer #1: The text at the bottom of the video is NOT a translation, it is simply stating what the English language said for reference. If you know any of the 12 languages and you feel that you can contribute a good translation of what was said, then please feel free to put the translation in the comments. Disclaimer #2: There is no such language as "Chinese" or "Taiwanese", but Blizzard indicates the language as "zhCN" which is "Mandarin spoken in China", and "zhTW" which is "Mandarin spoken in Taiwan", so please take note of that.
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