Nature's Reclamation

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NATURE'S RECLAMATION, a theme for Nature, is music that spans events in the movies. Quiet as a moth, determined as angry Ents, it "represents Nature's resistance of encroaching evil" (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 32). The official title in the liner notes is 'Nature's Reclamation' but I will continue to use just 'Nature Theme'. Doug Adams maintains that, in Tolkien's world, Nature is a culture alongside of the Elves, Dwarves or Men. The music of the Ents is informed as much by the instruments used as by any melody. Shore used a collection of wood instruments, bassoon and low basses that play meandering melodies that evoke mass and mystery. The music moves with a slow but deliberate cadence. The list below is for the bassoon music, but various wood percussion instruments were also used in association with Treebeard and Fangorn Forest.
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