Bridge & Tunnel Music Video by Ming & Ping

The film draws its subject matter from the song "Bridge & Tunnel" by Los Angeles based electropop band Ming & Ping, which explores personal identity and inter-personal relationships within a fast-paced urban environment. The film is an ode to Los Angeles, an urban tapestry of immigrant cultures, where millions of personal stories are knitted together into a single common statement that all Angelenos have spoken with a sense of pride, "I'm from LA!"

Directed by Bao Vo Creative, Bridge & Tunnel was made by inviting a group of friends, including the identical twin members of the band Ming & Ping, to bring their hand-held cameras to a wonderful night out at a local karaoke bar. The result is a mix of footage from over 6 point-and-shoot cameras, Flip Minos, cel phone cameras, and a Canon 7D all set to the perfect city song.

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Bridge & Tunnel Music and Lyrics by Ming & Ping:

Take me to the other side of town,
I swear I've lost my mind
I just want another couple drinks
By then I might feel fine

You know I love living city lives
Our voices lost at night
Drowned in a sea of lights
You never trust your mind

Take me to a place I've never been
A new language I can't speak
A new face that I have never seen
A new promise I can't keep

You don't know the people we became
How we forget our names
Passed by and never seen again
How we’ve become the same

Just pull me to the side
Don't tell me what I want to hear
There's all these people going by
And I'm right here

I need you by my side
Don't tell me what I want to hear
There’s are all these staring eyes
But I want you

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