Jory K. Prum - Web Audio: Can you hear me now?

The session will demonstrate — using a series of examples — the kinds of exciting possibilities the new Web Audio API provides developers when building games and applications for the web. With Adobe Flash making its exit, audio has had to continue to rely upon the optional plugin to provide reasonable functionality. Now the Web Audio API (available in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, iOS 6+, and Chrome for Android) provides tremendous possibilities, ranging from simple audio playback to object- and event-triggered audio. There are advanced filtering and reverb capabilities built in, 3D positional panning, 5.1 surround playback, and more, all available with extremely low latency.Developers around the world have begun to demonstrate Web Audio's abilities by building realtime oscilloscopes, metering solutions, effects processors, casual games, musical instruments, and impressive proof-of-concept apps that take advantage of the gyroscope and multitouch features of the iPhone and iPad.

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