Let’s Build!

Listen to Keith's awesome score here:

This was a film created for Facebook's f8 conference. The goal was to hear from developers (in their own words) how hard it is to build great products, how scary it can be to launch them, and how great tools can make a difference.

We wanted to approach this film with a multi-format, mixed-media approach, and give the viewer a lot to take in visually (as opposed to leading with just the interview footage alone). It was definitely a new direction to take, but we had really talented partners who helped us get there.

Directed By: Nate Salciccioli
Co-Director: Sierra Kos
Director of Photography: Eli Odegaard
Production Company: Delve Films
Animation: BUCK
Editing + Finishing: Nomad
Composer: Keith Kenniff
Sound Design: Tom Stamatio
Line Producer: Isaac Testerman
Add'l Cinematography: Jonpaul Douglass

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