We’ll Get By (The Autism Song) - Johnny Orr Band

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We'll Get By (The Autism Song)
Johnny Orr Band
*Official Video Release*
John & John Entertainment LLC. 2014

By: Johnny Orr written August 2013

Maybe I don't speak too well, but I'm coming outta my shell
And I like playing by myself if you can't tell
I like to go to school, yeah I'm a miracle, and I'm glad to be alive

If you'll wait patiently, well then eventually,
I will understand the words that you're saying to me
My autism, is like a prison, that I'm in

I share my heart but only in my mind,
I share my pain when I scream at night
I can't express to you, what I'm going through,
The only way is for me to cry

Mom I see your fear, through every single tear
Just to know I've caused you pain from inside of here
My autism, is like a prison, that I'm in

I share your joy but only in my mind
You show me love but just not in my time
Cause my reality, takes everything in me
To make it through without a fight

I know you love me, when you hug me,
And when I hear you pray to God for Him to heal me
Maybe one day, you won't have to pray
And I won't have to see you cry

Maybe one day, I won't be this way,
Until then we'll get by

Cast: Johnny Orr, Maria Young & Jeffrey Cernese

Senior Executive Producer(s) Shale Martin & Johnny Orr
Executive Producer/2nd AD/Editor Nick Lilly
Unit Production Manager/Line Producer Dale Nelson
Director Samantha Murphy
First Assistant Director Joshua LeJeune
Second Second AD Samantha McCullough
Casting Director Jody Maltzman
Production Designer Vicente Brugeara
Director of Photography Anthony Ojo
Creative Cinema Consultant Christopher Horton
Behind the Scenes Director Bodie Robbins
Camera Team Cody Law Evan McCliment Ferdinand Rivera Michael Cabán
Jib Operator Alyssa Rose Dupuis
Jib Builder Andy Lee
Gaffer Travis Canon
Key Grip/Best Boy/Dolly Grip Trent Edward Arant
Grip and Electric Chris De Geus David Kennedy Eric Wiederecht Ricky Rose
Set Dressers Andrea Paredes Carla Valentina Nuñez Madison Mavis

Special Thanks!
Andy Lee
Samuel Duzansky
Marc Bucksath
Rich Dine
James Neihouse
K&M Pony Parties

NOTE: thank you all so much for making this happen and putting all of your efforts into making this the best video that it could be. I'm so blessed and thankful for all of you who participated and made this happen. Shale Martin, Nick Lilly, Samantha Murphy, were key components to this project. And thank you Nick for letting me come and sit with you all day editing this so that we were both happy with the outcome. Love all of you. Johnny

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