Anti-Stress Relaxing Music with nature sounds - Perfect Relaxation

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Anti-Stress Relaxing Music / Background for Relax, Sleep, Study. Enjoy 3 hours of relaxing guitar music. You can use it for relax, sleeping, studying, etc. On my channel you can find a lot of peaceful, emotional, instrumental, , ambient, lullaby, classical, soft, romantic, chillout, gentle, positive and sad, soothing background music and relaxing nature sounds & noises (birds sounds, water noises, fire crackling, etc). These videos can be used for deep relaxation, meditation, sleep, study, reading, working, concentration, spa, stress relief, yoga, therapy, healing, zen. Listen it to relax your mind and yourself. Keep calm and relax. Please like this video, share and subscribe to my channel for more relaxing videos and sounds/music ... visual: Largest power plant in the Solar System makes stunning artwork. The surrounding lakes, water rises as steam and wraps up "the continuous vortex" above the local headland.... As the sun sets this all disappears ... used music and sounds 1 music: Garden Music Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ... ... 2. Sound of windchimes © 1HarryH 3. Sound of swallows and grasshoppers © 1HarryH The above-mentioned music and the sounds of connected (1HarryH), used Audacity program 08.Apr. 2016 video © 1HarryH
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