Meet Caamano Sound-Part 1: Shorelines to Orca

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Presenting the "Meet Caamano Sound" project! This is a series of informative slideshows geared at showcasing and raising awareness about an awe-inspiring and little-known region of BC's North Coast, called Caamano Sound, which is also being proposed as a major oil supertanker route for the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal. This particular slideshow introduces the importance of forage fish to the greater coastal ecosystem all the way up to the top of the food web, orcas and humans, and how an oil spill would impact it all. All photos and sounds were taken and recorded in Caamano Sound, from along the proposed tanker routes. Enjoy meeting Caamano Sound! Stay tuned for more! Pass on the link! Please note an error in written comment deadline. It should read March 2012!
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