The Hooligans - Red Bull Can You Make It?

Three Americans studying abroad in Germany enter a contest to win the adventure of a lifetime. Did we mention they have only known each other a week?

Lexi "the Penguin" Sage (22), our fearless leader, is a film production and international business major from Kansas. She is a runner-up state champ at weaving baskets, aka a badass basket weaver.

Connor "the Wolf" MacNeal (20), the goofball, is a true Philadelphia boy through and through. He studies aerospace engineering, and his face has graced K*NEX boxes throughout the country. He's kind of a big deal.

Emily "the Goat" Goetz (20), the techie from New York, is studying computer science. She has a pet chinchilla named Chilly and makes jewelry out of computer parts, including USB stick earrings that are 8 GB each.

We are united by our ability to tie cherry stems into knots with our tongues, our study abroad program at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, and our shared love for crazy adventures.

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