Soundstreams presents ‘Hear The Sounds Go Round’ by R. Murray Schafer (World Premiere)

'Hear The Sounds Go Round' (20914) by R. Murray Schafer, a work commissioned by Soundstreams, was premiered on February 2, 2014 at the 'Canadian Choral Celebration' concert at Koerner Hall (Toronto, Canada) and performed by Elmer Iseler Singers, Pro Coro Canada, Vancouver Chamber Choir and Kaspars Putniņš (conductor).

“One evening while I was teaching a music education course at Strassbourg University in France, a group of us attended a party given by one of the faculty members. Since my French was not fluent, I drifted off into another room and discovered an old gramophone that seemed to be speaking texts that were repeated over and over.  As I watched the turntable spinning, I saw and heard "the sounds go round." One moment one voice woule seem to be louder, then a different voice would take over while the others drifted away. As I continued to listen to the regurgitations of the machine, this sound-poem came to me. This setting for three choirs commissioned by Soundstreams Canada is an abbreviated version of the full spoken text - a poem which has accompanied me worldwide to conferences and workshops and which captures the elusive playfulness of our ever-changing soundscapes. Je n'ai jamais vu un son, but I have "heard the sounds go round."
R. Murray Schafer (2013)

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