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Are you looking for wind sound effects for sleeping or wind sounds of nature? Well check out this 8 hour video that only has wind sounds. It's perfect if you're looking for nature sounds for sleeping. This is something that I need to fall asleep. For whatever reason, unless I have white noise, I can't fall asleep. I guess unless I have that, I tend to think to much. I let some of my friends listen to this. They also need wind sound effects for sleeping. They said that it worked for them. They played it right before they went to bed. Since the video is 8 hours, by the time they get up, the video is still going. It's not just for people that need wind sound effects for sleeping by the way. You can also use the the sounds in this video as white noise for studying. Because it has no words or music, it helps me relax and concentrate on whatever I'm doing, whether that's studying or doing homework. This was recorded outside, so this is natural wind sound effects nature and is perfect if you need windy sounds for sleeping. Image credit: “Blue Abstract Background” by hyena reality “Wind Turbine Generator” by pakorn Previous videos: CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR STUDYING AND CONCENTRATION - STUDY MUSIC FOR FINAL EXAM STUDY TIME DEEP SLEEP MUSIC FOR INSOMNIA - MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU FALL ASLEEP MUSIC TO WORKOUT TO - MUSIC TO PUMP YOU UP FOR A WORKOUT - MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A BADASS CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR STUDYING AND CONCENTRATION - PIANO RELAXING MUSIC FOR STRESS RELIEF - STRESS RELIEF MUSIC THUNDERSTORM SOUNDS FOR SLEEPING 1 HOUR MUSIC TO HELP YOU CONCENTRATE ON HOMEWORK YOGA MUSIC RELAX MIND BODY - MEDITATION MUSIC RELAX MIND BODY - MUISC FOR YOGA MEDITATION TRANQUIL MUSIC FOR STUDYING - CALM MUSIC FOR PEACE AND RELAXATION CALMING MUSIC FOR STRESS - ZEN MEDITATION MUSIC HEALING MUSIC POSITIVE MOTIVATING ENERGY
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