Models - I Hear Motion @ Espy, Gerswhin Room, St.Kilda (14th Dec 2013)

Return Of Models – The Iconic Melbourne band with a new 4 song EP called GTK!

Kelly, Duffield, Price & Ferrie celebrate the musical adventurousness, sly humour and pioneering nature of the early Australian alternative music scene with a sound that is as fresh now as it was then.

2010 saw Models inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame after gaining notoriety in the early 80’s with ground breaking mini album ‘Cut Lunch’ but it was their long player ‘The Pleasure Of Your Company’ featuring the hit ‘I Hear A Motion’ which cracked it commercially for the band.

The band dips into its repertoire to remind us that the 80s music scene in Australia was more about the excitement of expanding musical barriers and forging new styles than big hair and shoulder pads.

For more information about Models:

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