“If We’d Only Pray”

VR Productions is pleased to present, Manuel Holguin's debut Christian music video, "If We'd Only Pray"!

Lyrics listed below...

Call His Name. He's waiting for you
No burden need be on my back for Jesus goes to the Father before me
No worries hold me back for it's on the Lord of Hosts I call
Friend is your heart weighed down with the question of "How will I make it through this flame"
The world will say to use your might
But Hannah's teardrops point to a much better way
He will hear
Cast your care on Him because He loves you
Be still
And rest upon each holy promise
Things need not be the same if we'd only call in Jesus name
He will give victory, verily
I could be our shout if we'd only pray
The Savior showed us how to call
He showed us how to overcome all things
The priesthood now belongs to all. We can boldly come before the throne
Brethren we're commanded to pray without ceasing. Come cast your cares.
With supplication and giving thanks
The peace that passes understanding will be ours
No burden need be on my back. I can cast them on Him 'cause He cares for me
No worries hold me back for he sees the sparrow and much more me
The Father shook the upper room. He can shake the place in which we stand
Power from the Holy Ghost will surely come down. It could happen today.
If we'd only...

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