RØDE NT1 - First Listen - New Black 2014 Redesign

Watch the entire music video for "Let the Rain Fall" featuring the NT1 here:
I just got the newly designed Rode NT1 microphone, so I took it through it's paces recording a few different sources, and mixing them in a fully produced song project. Find out more about the newly redesigned NT1 at
All instruments played, all mixing, all shooting and editing by Chad Johnson. Thanks Mike Kapitan for final mix suggestions!
Buy the Chad Johnson original song "Let the Rain Fall" on iTunes to help support this channel.
The shaker, lead vocal, acoustic, and electric guitars were recorded live in front of the camera in one or 2 takes. The video you see is the sound you hear. The bass was recorded direct (video performance is not live), and the backing vocals were recorded earlier on a Rode NT2000. The drums were programmed by Chad using Groove Agent 3.

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