Destructamundo Trailer: A New Game by Choice Provisions and MiniVisions

You want to hear a joke? Universal peace. I mean, why settle for serenity when you can unleash an arsenal of high-powered warheads and destroy every planetary system in the universe? Take that, faraway civilizations!
Destructamundo is a game of chain reactions and massive explosions. Set off a warhead and watch the fireworks as you cause as much widespread damage as possible by setting off long, winding combos that reach throughout the cosmos.

Destroy an entire planetary system in a single shot (or, if you’re not so cunning, destroy it in a couple of shots). Why would you do such a horrible thing, you might ask? For shiny gold medals, of course! Well, and the survival of your species, but that’s decidedly less important.

Not enough info for you? Check out these BULLET POINTS:

- Easy single-tap gameplay for short bursts or long sessions of stellar extermination! Play for a few seconds on the toilet, or play for hours on the couch! Better yet, convert your couch into a toilet!
- Awesome power-ups that make your quest for universal destruction all the more satisfying!
- 72 levels set across three different parsecs!
- Rad space-related terminology like “parsecs”!

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