Timbers Army: A reason to belong

It's impossible to ignore the Timbers Army.
At home or away and even when wildly outnumbered --like they were Saturday night in Seattle-- they dare the opposition to match their passion.
It seldom happens.
I rode with the Army on Saturday to CenturyLink Field for the first game of the home-and-home MLS playoff series between Portland and Seattle.
On the bus ride north, Timbers Army members shared their goose bump excitement for the Seattle game. They had stories about handmade ax earrings and green and gold Portland socks. Some said they skipped out on work to make the trip. Others said the anticipation had deadened their desire to eat or sleep.
The Army's spirit is founded on their golden triangle of devotion to team, town and each other. They took that devotion and passion high into the 300 section for Saturday's match…. banished as far away from the action as they could be and still be in the stadium. And there they sat, mostly alone in the upper corner.
Distance didn't spoil the party.
The Army exploded when Ryan Johnson got an early goal. So fierce was their celebration, and so boisterous was their pogo dancing that they actually made the concrete stands jiggle.
And then, as Portland got closer and closer to securing the victory, the Army screamed their skin off, pushing their team onward.

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