El Relojero/The Clockmaker

Gustavo Gonzalez is a watchmaker craftsman in Sevilla, Spain.

Heliograph by Chris Zabriskie

I don't hear the sound. I'm so used to the sound while I'm working that I'm in my world, and I don't even hear the tic tac or the chime or anything. On the contrary, a lot of times I need to be aware of if it has rung or not, and  I miss it.   It doesn't register that it has rung, and I have to be aware of it. Even sometimes I miss it because I'm so focused on what I'm doing.  
I 'm Gustavo Gonzalez and I am watchmaker craftsman. My father was the one who taught me. This is family tradition: my father was a watchmaker and my grandfather was a watchmaker too . I always saw my father working, but I never paid attention, I was more restless.
I am very impatient in my life, I want to have things quickly, but here you can not have things quickly. Here you have to wait a lot, but I adapt to this work and do not find it strange, you know? I know that this takes patience and I need to have it and that's that.
I've dabbled in many things before becoming a watchmaker. For almost all of it I was in the military, but in the end, I was at a point in my life, I went here to see how this was, and in the end I liked it and I stayed . But it was somewhat because I was a little lost and I didn't know what to do.
Now I'm with girls, my daughters and this. I have no shame of losing this in my generation with me. There are people, like my father , for example , who wanted their children to keep with this. I want them to be happy and that they do what makes them happy. I do not want to impose anything on them, if they like it go ahead, I 'll help them, but if they have no interest in this, to me it's exactly the same.  

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