Roger Hodgson am St. Peter at Sunset Openair 2013

Einige echte Roger Hodgson Fans waren zum "Meet and Greet" mit dem Star höchstpersönlich geladen. Nach dem vielumjubelten Konzert in Kestenholz/Schweiz beim St. Peter at Sunset Festival am 5. Juli 2013 war es soweit: die Fans durften ihren Star hautnah erleben. Es gab strahlende Augen, glückliche Menschen und einen bescheidenen, authentischen und herzlichen Musiker.

A couple of Roger Hodgson fans were invited to meet Roger Hodgson after the acclaimed concert in Kestenholz/Switzerland at the "St. Peter at Sunset" festival on July, 5th 2013. In this video they are talking about their relationship with the music and meeting Roger Hodgson. Even if you might not understand every word they are saying, one look in their eyes and at their faces beaming with joy is telling more than words can say.

Roger is also the singer/songwriter of the classics we love - Breakfast in America, Dreamer, The Logical Song, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, It's Raining Again, Fool's Overture, Hide in Your Shell, and so many more. Don't miss the opportunity to see Roger live in concert where you will hear these treasures plus some amazing material from Roger's solo albums.

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Here are the latest amazing concert opportunities:
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Trélazé, France ~ September 1, 2013 ~ With Band
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And for all those who want to understand the words as well, scroll down for a translated transcript. Translated transcript: Elke Beckett

Guy in black shirt and black sunglasses: "Roger Hodgson is playing, he is a big part of Supertramp."

Lady in blue coat, with red hair and blue-glass sunglasses: "We've been fans for at least 35 years. As for me definitely, I attended my first concert aged 13."

Lady with white-framed sunglasses in her hair: "I'd say it's nineteenhundreddd...."

back to the guy in black shirt and black sunglasses: " the seventies..."

back to the lady with white-framed sunglasses in her hair: "...seventynine - around that time."

Guy in black shirt and black sunglasses: "Here we are standing now, 40 years on and are able to experience the man live"

Lady in black shirt, with glasses and long blond hair singing "Dreamer" and saying: "I am a real fan - that is, for fourty years now."

White-haired lady with orange shirt: "He still is phenomenal! He simply is super!"

Guy with glasses and green shirt: "One of my colleagues has won tickets from MySign and she took me along:"

Blonde with creole earrings and black and white top: "Roger Hodgson to me is mostly Supertramp, simply a legend and it's well worth to get to know that legend, I would think."

Lady in black shirt and long blond hair: "Tonight we'll have the concert at first which I'm very much looking forward to and then later on we are lucky to be able to attend the Meet and Greet with Roger Hodgson."

Roger playing "Take the Long Way Home"

Lady in black shirt, jeans jacket and long blond hair: "Right now I am just plain happy - yes. To meet the real... I could cuddle him, he was so cool, he was so great, I am just simply happy."

Blonde with black and white top and white jacket: "I am totally excited! My God, am I excited!"

Lady in black shirt, jeans jacket, with glasses and long blond hair: "So, I have prepared this card for Roger - as Thank you for the huge gift he's given me tonight, for the music and I'm going to hand it to him now along with this "Toblerone" chocolate - genuine Swiss chocolate."

Guy with glasses and green shirt and jacket: "I will put this (holding up a photo of Roger) in a frame at home - I've got sort of my own Hard Rock Cafe at home where I have put them all up - neatly all in line."

Guy with glasses and green shirt and jacket: "Special person, eh? He is - how shall I say? - he is very easy-going, how he treats people and all... and my English is not very good - I could not talk that much with him but I observed him a bit and I took some photos..."

Blonde with creole earrings, black and white top and white jacket: " He is totally sweet and so authentic as I was hoping he would be and it was... Many Thanks MySign, it was really great!

Lady in black shirt, jeans jacket, with glasses and long blond hair: "Roger Hodgson is really and simply - and not only on the stage but as well now after I was allowed to get to know him as a person - authentic, affectionate... I am simply overwhelmed. It has been really wonderful and I just want to Thank MySign who have made the dream of my life come true. Thank you so much."

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