You Need to Hear This

As part of the Philips You Need to Hear This campaign, Ogilvy & Mather hid three interactive music tables in bars across London that wirelessly connected to Spotify, and allowed people to plug in their headphones and listen to music from the area.

Although hidden, the tables still needed to be found, so the illustrators at Ogilvy & Mather created black and white illustrations for the table tops, which we then translated into a wooden table.

After experimenting with a number of traditional and modern fabrication techniques to find the most suitable approach. We cut out the pattern from hardwood veneer using a laser cutting machine and then building up the table like a jigsaw similar to traditional marquetry. Hidden in the table was a bespoke music player made using an Arduino with a media board.

Three tables in Brixton, Hackney and Shoreditch, helped You Need to Hear This trend on Twitter and the corresponding YouTube video of the project has had more than 45,000 views. In addition to this we have since made a table for the White Horse in Brixton.

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