10 HOURS DESERT AMBIENCE - Journey through the Sands and Winds Eternal - RELAX AND SLEEP BETTER

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Use Firefox with the "Download Helper" add-on, you will be able to download the track and/or the video. Photo: Um Almaa Oasis, Libya ( thanks to Khalid Abunaama for letting me know!) Something a bit heavier and more bassy this time around; don't let the creepy metal sound in the beginning scare ya, it's not there throughout the whole thing, just from time to time! :D For those who want to get lost in the sands of time and let the winds of the desert carry them to a blissful rest. Want to fall asleep to the eternal sounds of the desert but all you hear is the sound of city traffic or silence? Do you wish there was a gentle storm to carry you off to a restful sleep? Well, your wish is about to come true! Close your eyes and drift away; perfect for studying too! :D Check out these other relaxing and tranquil vids in this series: 10 HOURS OF STORMY SOUNDS - Drift Away in a Thunderstorm & Trickling Rain: DOWNLOAD: Arcologydesigns -- 30min-forest-storm-ambient 1 HOUR STORM - Sounds of Thunder, Rain, & Water Running Downhill: 10 HOURS OF NATURE - Ambient Creek & Wildlife - RELAX AND SLEEP BETTER: DOWNLOAD: Arcologydesigns -- 30min-forest-creek-and-birds 1 HOUR OF NATURE - Ambient Creek & Wildlife - RELAX AND SLEEP BETTER Made in FL Studio. ________________________________________­________________________________ ArcologyDesigns: BCB Energy, LLC: For free IT sample files, go to: and click on "IT Training Initiative," and navigate to the Sample Files download page. ________________________________________­________________________________ 100% ALL original content - photos, music, lyrics, art and more! BCB Energy, LLC and its subsidiary ArcologyDesigns are the sole creators and owners to all artwork, photographs, illustrations, graphics, logos, lyrics, texts, materials, sound recordings and musical compositions and all features of the content and materials. This includes but is not limited to the design, assortment, arrangement, atmosphere and presentation and any associated copyrights or trademarks of such content and materials.
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