Golden Eagle Sounds and Pictures

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Please see my ANIMAL SOUNDS playlist Eagle ~ Bird Call ~ bird song Golden Eagles are fairly adaptable in habitat but often reside in areas with a few shared ecological characteristics. They are best suited to hunting in open or semi-open areas and search them out year-around. The largest numbers of Golden Eagles are found in mountainous regions today, with many eagles doing a majority of their hunting and nesting on rock formations. However, they are not solely tied to high elevations and can breed in lowlands if the local habitats are suitable. They can additionally be found in tundra, shrublands, coniferous forests with openings and steppe, prairies and other regional grassland habitats. Though not generally a wetland bird, they may pass through or hunt in marshes, normally while migrating or wintering. Golden Eagles usually nest in desolate areas where human disturbances are minimal and often avoid highly populated areas year-around. They may be found in elevation from sea-level up to at least 3,700 m (12,100 ft).[4] Golden eagle,Eagles,Birds,Birdsong,bird call,eagle call,Bird Vocalization (Database Topic),Song
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