Nordic Games Conference Awards 2013 - Hyper Island Animations & Music Design

So we had this amazing module last winter at school, where we were assigned to animate 10-second award videos for a game conference called Nordic Games. In a team of 12 people (all listed in the video), we sat down to generate ideas and produce a concept during 3 weeks. Once we had solid animations set, I sat down and composed all the music you hear.

Our client were so satisfied that we were actually invited to the very conference this week. I had a blast, and really hope to get to work with more projects like this one. Cheers to the team and Nordic Games for the awesome exerpience!!

You can download and use the music if you want!
Just make sure to give credit! :)'s_Theme.mp3's_Theme.mp3's_Theme.mp3's_Theme.mp3


- - The Team - -

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