Mike Kris’ Cinematic Trailer | “You Are My Sunshine…”

Hello and welcome back to my humble editing corner,

Today we have a very unique wedding that really captivate me as an editor, i can feel the love and strong family value just by editing this trailer.

Mike is a very entertaining man who really care for his family, and a very loyal friend, he is also a very talented man who manage to learn how to play ukulele within 3 hours, behind that fun and entertaining figure, Mike deeply respect his elderly, as i notice how he bow really low upon receiving Kris from her father at the church ceremony.

Kris is a very calm & beautiful woman, but behind that beautiful smile she is actually a very good lawyer, Kris looked amazing in her white dress.

It was very refreshing to hear both fathers speeches are spoken in Korean language, even though i do not understand, i can feel how grateful and loving they are towards Mike & Kris.

The night was amazing at the reception with a lot of great things happening, starting from Kris's father saxophone performance that brought her to tears, great speeches from the bridal party, the boys surprise dance and of course it would not be complete without Mike's "You are my sunshine" ukulele performance.

I personally would like to thank both Mike & Kris for the great experience and fun editing this video, and of course our team would also like to thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding day, we hope your marriage will last for many years to come.

Chris {Paper Cranes}

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