The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD

The first of many HD videos, and one I`ve wanted to produce for 19 years since I first tried to shoot the Mansion. I was lucky enough to obtain footage shot by Dan Warren. Using extremely low-light sensitive equipment this is a video which looks as good on a PC as the ride does to the human eye whilst actually riding. No night vision, no external lighting. When I first saw the quality of the footage I couldn`t believe it. There are no secrets given away - this is purely an edit showing every inch of onstage, exactly how a guest would see and hear it if actually in Orlando.
From 8 hours of footage shot, this is a 1 hour edit multi angle video beginning with a look at the exterior details of the Mansion and surroundings. After full coverage of the graveyard, take in every part of the attraction from start to finish. From walk in to walk out, this is full multi angle coverage of the complete attraction down to the smallest detail. Included in full also are the loops of Constance the bride, the Graveyard band and the Singing Busts. Following the attraction, see full coverage of the exit area stones and the Pet Cemetery, then see the Mansion and surroundings as night falls and the lights come on. See full interior details of both the Assisted Guest entrance and the Chicken Exit too.
The footage is accompanied by a brand new full stereo audio mix, using full source audio elements and clean live audio hear the attraction as you journey through it as you would whilst actually riding.
With thanks to Dan Warren for the footage and hours spent riding to obtain it, and to the cast members of the Haunted Mansion, Orlando. No rules were broken, but their help was invaluable.

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