Bull Sounds and Pictures

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Please see my ANIMAL SOUNDS playlist Bird Song Playlist - click here : A bull is an intact (i.e., not castrated) adult male of the species Bos taurus (cattle). More muscular and aggressive than the female of the species, the cow, the bull has long been an important symbol in many cultures, and plays a significant role in both beef and dairy farming, and in a variety of other cultural activities. Bulls are much more muscular than cows, with thicker bones, larger feet, a very muscular neck, and a large, bony head with protective ridges over the eyes. These features assist bulls in fighting for domination over a herd, giving the winner superior access to cows for reproduction.[4] The hair is generally shorter on the body, but on the neck and head there is often a "mane" of curlier, wooly hair. Bulls are usually about the same height as cows or a little taller, but because of the additional muscle and bone mass they often weigh far more. In horned cattle the horns of bulls tend to be thicker and somewhat shorter than those of cows, and in many breeds they curve outwards in a flat arc rather than upwards in a lyre shape. It is not true, as is commonly believed, that bulls have horns and cows do not: the presence of horns depends on the breed, or in horned breeds on whether the horns have been disbudded (conversely, in many breeds of sheep it is indeed only the males which have horns). Castrated male cattle are physically similar to females in build and horn shape, although if allowed to reach maturity they may be considerably taller than either bulls or cows, with heavily muscled shoulders (but not necks) see picture credits Charolais bull "Taureau charolais au pré" by Forum - . Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons - Highland Cattle bull "Highland Cattle bull" by BrianForbes - Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Aberdeen Angus bull Complete with nose ring and ear tag. Date 4 November 2007 source From Hereford bull "Hereford bull large" by User Robert Merkel on en.wikipedia - US Department of Agriculture. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - Limousin Bull "Limousin-20070305-1030" by TILMAN KLUGE at the German language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
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