Thunderstorm Sounds - Desensitizing Sounds for Dogs, Cats and other animals

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Calm Pet: Desensitizing Sounds for Animals, Vol.1 - There are many reasons why your pet may exhibit fearfulness or anxiety. This could be the animal's temperament, much of which is genetically determined. The animal that seems shy and often hides away from unusual stimuli will probably always be challenged. The animal's environment, especially in its early life, can also play a role in determining whether it is fearful. Very often, a bad experience that an animal has at a young age will probably stay with it throughout its adult life. Fortunately, there are incredibly effective ways of helping your animal to overcome these fears. These involve positive experiences with regular exposure to other animals, people and situations. This is known as socialization and it's a good idea to practice this from a young age. When an animal is scared of certain sounds, the most effective treatment is known as counter-conditioning or desensitizing - which is the purpose of this album. Desensitizing your pet: Desensitizing is the process of repeatedly presenting scary stimuli at a level below the animal's threshold, and gradually making the stimuli stronger until the animal shows no signs of fear or aggravation. The object of this album is to gradually expose your pet to sounds in a safe, controlled manner. You should play the desired sounds regularly, starting at very low levels and gradually increasing the volume until it is comparative to a real thunderstorm for example. It is important that you go about your business in the normal way whilst these sounds are playing, but occasional reassurance is fine. This process should not be rushed, so you should play the desired sounds very quietly for the first week, at random times throughout the day, in twenty minute sessions. Then slightly increase the volume level in week two, until you can eventually play the sounds very loudly and your pet is completely calm and oblivious. This process will take several weeks or months to complete, but if done successfully, your animal will no longer experience stress and anxiety when it hears similar sounds in everyday life. Format: High Quality mp3 320kbps Running Time: 73 Minutes Licence: Personal Use Only Copyright: Calmsound Ltd 2013 1. Firework Sounds () 2. Fireworks With Crowd Sounds () 3. Thunderstorm Sounds () 4. Car Engine Sounds () 5. Traffic - City Sounds () 6. Traffic - Country Road Sounds () 7. Traffic - Highway Sounds () 8. Traffic - Urban Road Sounds () 9. Aeroplane Sounds () 10. Crying Baby Sounds () 11. Dog Sounds () 12. Cat Sounds () 13. Washing Machine Sounds () 14. Vacuum Cleaner Sounds () 15. Hairdryer Sounds () 16. Hair Clipper Sounds () 17. Door Knocking Sounds () 18. Doorbell Sounds () Note: For optimum results, this album is best played on a good sized speaker system with sufficient bass such as a home cinema system or Hi-fi. Category Music
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