'Wind' Wavemaker1 Soft Synth

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam One of my earlier 2012 productions trialling my self-designed soft synth, the 'Wavemaker 1' to generate the sound of wind. For the technically minded, the Wavemaker has the following: x16 VC Oscillators, x3 LF Oscillators, x8 VC Filters, 4x12 Routing Matrix, VCA & VCF Bank Envelope Generators, Pink & White Noise Generator, VCO Pulse Width Modulation, x8 VCF Pitch Sweep Controls, x8 VCO FM Modulation Controls, x4 (paired) VCF Cut-Off Controls, Input (Voice, Portamento, Tone), Trigger Gate, Ring Modulator, Modulator, Transpose, Output Stage.
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