Short Landmine Distortion Pedal Demo

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It sounds HUGE. Click "More Info" for details: Details: Gibson Les Paul Classic, 3 pickup model. 496/500T ceramic pickups. SKB PS-25 powered pedalboard. 1Spot regulated power supply. Korg DT-10 tuner. Early Geoffery Teese Wizard wah. MXR Smart Gate. (not used in video). Barber Tone Press compressor. Set for strong compression (Sustain at ) but "Blend" control is only set to Landmine LD-1 Distortion. Level , Bass , Mid , High (off). Vintage MXR Phase 90. Set half-way. Boss PS-2 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay. Set for a very short delay. Behringer DR-100 Digital Reverb. Set for subtle "Plate" effect. 1976 Marshall Half Stack w/1972 Marshall 4x12 cab with original 25w Greenbacks. Presense: off. Bass: 3. Middle: off. Treble: 5. Volume 1: 3. Volume 2: 2. Channel 1 and 2 "hi" inputs bridged together. Guitar plugged into Channel 1 "low" input. THD Hot Plate, -8 db setting. Bright, Deep, and Bulbs are "On". Shure SM-57, 2" from grill cloth, center of dust cap. Recorded using "Sound Forge" software directly into soundcard.
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