Raise Pure Positive Energy Vibration | Healing Sounds - Subliminal guided meditation Iso Binaural

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Download this subliminal Iso-Binaural meditation here - Raise your Energetic vibration - Subliminal Messages, Binaural Beats - Pure 7.83hz Schumann Resonance. Isochronic Tones 396hz; Binaural Beats 417hz Solfeggio frequency. This session is combining energetic cleansing with subliminal guided meditation. This will connect you to a higher frequency of the source. Consistent listening will raise significantly your vibration and you can feel the change in every aspect of your life. Headphones required. The subliminal hypnosis meditation of this session: You produce love and joy within yourself, your muscles are loose. With every breath, your muscles let go and the tension leaves your body. There is a ray of light from the center of the galaxy that is coming towards you. This ray looks like a spiral of light or vortex that spins very quickly. It comes from the source of creation and contains the new energy. You invite the ray to raise your vibration and to connect to your higher self. The ray of light crosses the cosmic gate of your halo and pierces into you through the crown chakra. You can really feel the chakra opening. Your body contains this new positive energy. The ray keeps spiraling in your head and cleans all the toxins, enlightening new areas in your brain that were numb and cleans neurological courses that were preserved and it's time to change them. It cleanses all the energetic blocks you have. The spiral pushes down all the waste out and you can feel it coming out through your feet like a dark fume. The ray of light illuminates your third eye chakra and expands your consciousness beyond the physical body. It keeps moving toward your throat chakra and cleanses it, keeps going down to your thorax and lungs and heals them. When it approaches the center of your heart, you feel your heart arising. With every breath you exhale, old emotional patterns fade away and redundant burdens you've been carrying just disappear. Love fills your heart, love for yourself, love for others, love for animals, love for the planet. The spiral keeps going down to your solar plexus chakra and switches on a yellow light that sends pure energy to your body and consciousness. The ray keeps spiraling down to your sacral chakra, opens it, reapplies it, and connects you back to your inner passions and desires. From there the ray goes to your root chakra and pushes down all of the waste you've had. The ray goes out of your body, leaving you with vital and supreme energy, until it connects to the core crystal of the earth. Now you're connected, filled up and down with divine ray of light that provides you security and protection. You feel this new energy flowing within you and vibrating in you with high frequency. Feel how this energy swells and fills your body and halo with love and acceptance. It carries all of your potential to do all you will ever ask for. From now on, with every breath you take, you raise your vibration energy and that makes you feel better and better each day that goes by. Feel the high frequency of your essence. You are breathing love energy. You are love.
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