Relaxing Legend of Zelda Music

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Edit: Special offer for a BEAUTIFUL LoZ ocarina! They are hand-crafted, twelve-hole ocarinas based off the Ocarina of Time. If you mention me, then you get 50% off ^_^ (please read description) quick note: a lot of people are asking where Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, etc. is--and it's there! It's just Twilight Princess usually has the more HD versions of the pieces because LoZ reuses certain tracks. But also--Part 2 has more original pieces from other games that I might have overlooked the first time...this was my first compilation, after all! XD ~~ Music primarily from Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Skyward Sword~ Good to fall asleep or study to ^.^ Song List (thank you, ιgηιѕ!) – "Isle of songs" from Skyward Sword. – “Gate of Time” from Skyward Sword - “Enter the Twilight Realm” from Twilight Princess - “Meet Illia” from Twilight Princess - “Romance” from Skyward Sword - “Lake Hylia” from Twilight Princess - “Queen Rutela's Theme” from Twilight Princess – “Mirror of Twilight Completed” from Twilight Princess - “Ordon Village” from Twilight Princess – “Zelda's Lullaby” from Ocarina of Time – “Great Fairy Fountain Theme” from The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD – “Message from the Goddess” from Skyward Sword – “The Fishing Hole” from Twilight Princess – “Fi's Farewell” from Skyward Sword – “Illia's Theme” from Twilight Princess – “Nayru's Wisdom” from Skyward Sword – “Lon Lon Ranch” from Hyrule Symphony for the 25th Anniversary (Ocarina of Time) – “Lon Lon Ranch ~piano version~” from Video Game Pianist (Ocarina of Time) credit: picture of Link with the Lon Lon Ranch piano at the end by Video Game Pianist I really want to meet fellow fans ^.^ so please find me at: Disclaimer: I do not own "Legend of Zelda" or anything affiliated.
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