ASMR Water Sounds and Tattoo Ink

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How did that fuzzy thing get stuck on my wrinkly shirt!? I shouldn't do laundry while I'm working on videos... Haha anyway... This should be interesting! I'm excited to see what you all think about this video :) It's a little different from what I've been doing, but I had fun making it and I hope you like it! -Washing Rice -Playing in a Bowl of water -Manicure Brush -Ice Cubes -Ink and Water Setup -Green Ink -Violet Ink -Aqua Ink Facebook: Instagram: ChristenNoelASMR Twitter: @ChristenASMR Email: Christen Noel PO Box 1288 Springfield, TN 37172 ~~If you wish to donate to my channel for things like microphones, lights, trigger thingys, ramen noodles, and strawberry chapstick (in that order haha) you can do so through my PayPal account using the email, Thank you so much for your support, not only financially, but also through your kindness and encouragement!~~ Love, Christen ~~"And the Spirit was hovering over the face of the waters."~~
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